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The need for this training centre was first verbalized during a conversation in the early 1990's between a Guatemalan school director, Stefan Barreno and two Canadians Greg Austring and Cary Goshinmon. It was again the topic of conversation in 1994 in Edmonton, Alberta between Cary & Karen Goshinmon and Alan & Pauline Slater.

The concept for a Christian based technical school had formed many years previously in Alan's heart as he and Pauline went about their work as vocational missionaries in South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Ecuador. It was Alan's belief that 'the Church' should not draw the line at winning converts, building churches and establishing Bible Colleges, but that it also had a responsibility to provide opportunity and hope for time, (the needs of the day to day life) as well as for eternity.

Much of what the Church does in outreach and mission endeavour is among the poor and disenfranchised, not only in the western world but also throughout the developing world.

History shows that close on the heels of spiritual renewal comes social improvement and if we are helping children get their early and middle education through sponsorship programmes, the least we should be doing is following through with the responsibility of providing the same young people with the bridge to higher education.

How else can we anticipate success?

So, with the agreement of their missions organization, Alan & Pauline moved to Guatemala in 1995 with a commitment to work towards the establishment of a vocational training centre, especially designed to provide opportunities for career and vocational training to the underprivileged youth of Guatemala.

This vision therefore is to establish a Christian oriented technical school that will eventually allow a majority of it's placings to educationally qualified youth who have been historically left out of the equation when it comes to the academic job skills market.

Market-needs studies have been done and the following specialities will be among the first to be taught at the W.C.V.T.C. along with all the high school academics:

  How to use, build, maintain and programme.
      Dental Hygienist
      Dental Technology
      Reforestation Technology
      Industrial Engineering
  Machine Shop Technology
  Welding Technology
      Engine Overhaul & Reconditioning
      Engineering Drawing (Drafting)

The vision is to influence a nation with well prepared graduates who will impact their workplace with practical skills, leadership skills and hope for the future. Breaking their cycle of poverty and raising the quality of life for their families, communities and country.

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