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  ALAN SLATER, Missionary, Guatemala :

" ... Taking a quick glance in life's rearview mirror, you know you've been called when you 'live' an answer to someone's prayer, finding an opportunity to help the poor or minister to the hurting, just doing your best with what you've got."    

  CONNY SOLANO, First Grade Teacher, Age 22, Guatemala :

Conny always wanted to serve the Lord as a teacher, and one of the ChildCare Plus schools helped her fulfill her dream! Conny's job also enables her to financially support her parents and two siblings, one of whom is confined to a wheelchair. She loves teaching children and sharing her faith with her students.

  CRISTINA ALVAREZ, Student, Guatemala :

"The ChildCare Plus program has helped me in my studies, It has done a lot with the subjects that are forming my life. I feel strong. The teachers remind me of everything I need for tests. They help me in my studies a lot."

  LESLIE DUBON, ChildCare Plus Office Accountant, Guatemala :

"If I had studied in a public school, things might have been different. I may not have graduated because I would have not heard the message of the Gospel and God's direction."    

  MAILY ERENDY CABRERA de LEON, Third Grade Teacher at Bethesda School, Guatemala :

" ...a young lady that wanted to sponsor me without knowing me, she helped me from the distance, she worked to give me the privilege to receive this scholarship, which was of such a blessing."    

  MARLEN REVOLORIO RODAS, ChildCare Plus Grade School Teacher, Guatemala :

"I praise God and thank Him indeed for my sponsors and the blessing I have ... "    

  PAOLA HERNANDEZ, Secretary to the Principal at Bethesda ChildCare, Guatemala :

"I am forever thankful to God for having touched the hearts of faithful sponsors ... "    

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