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Though the concept and indeed the finances for the building of the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre has come predominantly from Canadians, the school nevertheless is a Guatemalan school. Canadians will continue to give some oversight until it is felt that the vision, mission and objectives are firmly established.

The school will remain a "not for profit" endeavour, financed in accordance with the business plan. All paid teaching and administrative staff will be Guatemalan, appropriately qualified in accordance with Guatemalan Ministry of Education requirements.

The WCVTC is not able to hire expatriate staff but can consider taking qualified volunteer personnel who successfully complete our application process. We have enjoyed the many volunteers and work teams who have sacrificially given of their time, talent and treasure in order to come and help with the building. The areas where we could still use volunteers are in the capacity of 'assisting' a national teacher in one of the existing subjects. However, for such a volunteer to come and live in Guatemala for any length of time, the challenges are great. Things to be considered and addressed ahead of time are; financial viability, language, room and board and the ability to be autonomous outside of working hours etc. It is also essential to remember that the WCVTC is no longer a 'missionary project' but a functioning vocational high school.

For further information on our staffing needs please write
to Edna Estrada:

The last registration documents required from the
Guatemala Ministry of Education.



Edna de Estrada
Legal Representative

Gladys Tortola
Director, Academic/Technical Administrator

Josias Ramirez
Assistant Administrator and Accountant

Eric Cardenas
Public Relations

Karen Gomez
Auxiliary Director

Brenda Xiomara Yoc Boc
Academic Secretary



Dr. Ana Judith ALBIZU
Dental Hygienist


Information Technology

Mrs. Emilcer RUIZ
English Language

Mr. Enio PEREZ
Physical Education

Mathematics &
Technical Drawing

Mr. Juan Carlos RUIZ
Mathematics &
Micro Electronics

Information Technology

Mrs. Olga MOTA
Biology & Chemistry

Mrs. Rosa Antonia CRUZ
Final Seminar Project

Mrs. Sonia VALDEZ


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