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Sponsor a Student


The greatest need we have right now in responding to the statement; "how to help" ...

would be for more student sponsors. The cost of sponsoring a student at the WCVTC is $100 per month. This help goes directly to the shortfall we face with our budget due to the fact that at present we have no income.

»  Our brochure on Student Sponsorship.    


What we are asking for, appealing for is that people with a true desire to be a part of such a life changing plan, contribute towards a 'CLASS' of students rather than sponsor an individual student. The reality is; the cost of education at the technical school level is so much more than at the grade school level, individual child sponsorships is clearly inadequate for today. Having said this, we don't expect a would be sponsor to finance a class of thirty students, ($3,000 per month) but to simply contribute to the level that they are comfortable with, towards a given group or class of students. A sponsor will then receive a class photo and will be able to track his or her class through the three years of higher education to graduation.

The sponsorship payments will be handled in the same way as traditionally processed, by sending your gift - cheque payable to P.A.O.C. with a note indicating - 'for the W.C.V.T.C. - Guatemala' to the address below -

for the
W.C.V.T.C. - Guatemala

Missions Dept.
2450 Milltower Court,
Ontario,L5N 5Z6.

This way, you could also make a one time or periodic donation towards a given class of students should this be your preference.

Now that we are operational, we will have our students making contributions to this web site also so that you might see what it is that these students are experiencing, where they are from and what their hope and dreams are for the future.

Sponsor a Teacher

Due to the fact that we are a 'not for profit' organization and that presently all of our students are registered in our 'scholarship programme', it would help us a great deal in managing our budget if we could find several unique donors who would be willing to take some ownership in sponsoring a teacher. ($600 per month) It is also possible to make a contribution towards a teachers salary. You may wish to specify which area you would like to help with, ie: Maths, Science, Language, Physical Ed, Computation, Music, etc.

Sponsor a Specialized Department

For those who have a special place in your heart in regard to equipment or a machinery or even for a special department of study, it is possible for you to designate your donation in a specific area of your choosing. There will always be ongoing needs for machinery and materials for the machine shops, dental technology lab, or dental hygiene lab etc.

Please remember we are committed to using such donations only in the area or towards the need designated.

For further information on these sensitive issues please feel free to contact us at: Alan Slater

or through our National Office to: National Office

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