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The 50,000 square foot building is now completed, PTL.

Many wonderful people have come along side us in helping us realize this worthy project. Some have come on volunteer workteams, some have sent financial donations but one way or another, well over one million dollars has been invested in what will eventually be hundreds of changed lives.

As it is now complete we have the awesome task of building hope, joy and fulfilment into the lives of our students.

We will now enter into our 3rd year of operation in January 2009 with another group of excited students.


The greatest need we have right now

in responding to the statement;

"how to help"

would be for more student sponsors.


In making the need known as many of you expect us to do:

The "Contents" wish list for the labs, workshops and kitchen which are items that may be new or second hand, depending on their condition.

  1. 2 Gas cookers stainless steel (for kitchen)
  2. 2 regular size fridges
  3. Software for AutoCad
  4. 1 Autoclave
  5. 1 X Ray machine - Dental Hygiene lab.
  6. 6 Microscopes for Science lab.
  7. 20 Bunsen Burners
  8. 20 tripod stands for Bunsen Burners
  9. 24 Retort Stands & Clamps etc.
  10. 2 Milling Machines

  11. 1 Universal Milling Machine
  12. 6 Small Lathes
  13. 1 - 12" Swing Lathe
  14. 1 Surface Grinder (small)
  15. 1 Small Radial Arm Drilling Machine
  16. 1 Small Shaping Machine
  17. 1 Tig Welding Machine
  18. 1 Crankshaft Grinding Machine
  19. 1 Reboring Machine
  20. 1 Line Boring Machine
  21. 1 Con Rod Grinding Machine
  22. 1 Segmented Surface Grinding Machine (24" travel)
  23. Cylinder Head Repair Kit (Air tools)


We know that God knows our needs and will supply them in His timing.

For all this we truly give thanks - for God is good all the time.


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