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Hello and thank you for visiting our web site.

This site is dedicated to the thousands of marginalized young people of Guatemala.

Believing that actions speak louder than words, the challenge to do something about the sad situation facing so many people in this country, was taken on over a decade ago and we are excited to be able to tell you that a brand new technical school opened it's doors on the 15th January 2007.

This is the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre. It opened with one class of students and over the next few years, the student body will increase to it's capacity of around 450 students.

The school began with just one speciality; that of Computation. This is taught concurrently with all the usual high school subjects providing three years of study and career preparation.

The plan is to increase the vocational specialities by two each year until we are offering such areas as Dental Hygienist and Assisting; Computation-including the basics on how to use, how to maintain, build and rebuild as well as programme; Dental Technology; Engineering Drawing; Industrial Engineering and Machine Shop; Welding Technology; Engine Overhaul and Reconditioning and Forestry Technology.

Other career specialities may be added eventually but only as we have the capacity for further physical growth.

Growth will occur however in the hearts and minds of the young men and women who will come to the W.C.V.T.C. for it is the desire and indeed the vision of the leadership to provide these young people with new options and opportunities for life, not only to be efficient in the career they choose but to go on to become leaders in their field.

The William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre is different from the various other existing technical schools here in Guatemala in that we are a Christian establishment operating from the Christian world view in regards to education, also we have in place an international student sponsorship programme through which promising, bright young people who are otherwise trapped in the sad cycle of poverty, will be enabled to surmount these daunting obstacles, competing as they should in Guatemala's ever expanding market place.

We invite you to read further, the fascinating history of this project, to find out more about who we are and how we go about sponsoring our students. Thanks again on behalf of our local team.

Alan & Pauline Slater - Project Directors.

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