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This has been an incredible journey and it won't be over until the school is auto-sustainable. We know that even though it has been in the making for over a decade, we are still at the beginning stages. The vocational training centre opened in January 2007 beginning a second chapter in it's fascinating story. We believe it will continue to grow and develop as an education centre until it becomes much more than a solitary institute, expanding into many other areas of education and career training, spreading to other areas of the country and beyond.

For this we want to acknowledge in a very careful manner the many individuals and agencies who have been integral to the establishment of the W.C.V.T.C.

First we thank God for placing the desire and vision in our hearts in the first place, then confirming with His promise that this is His work and that He would supply all that we would need to complete the job.

It is our understanding then that all the following acknowledgements are simply those who God has directed, touched and inspired to work, to help and become involved at His behest to do the will of God in this place.

We acknowledge and thank the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and the many other government departments involved in the process of giving us the piece of land, (usufruct).

It has been a long drawn out situation which is obviously not designed to be easy nor straight forward. Nevertheless we are grateful to the many who did try to help and encourage us to keep going even in the face of mountains of bureaucratic delays and obstacles.

Our missionary director of forty years ago, David Newington used to tell us 'When difficult times come and they will, just remember', 'It's all for JESUS!' We did and we do remember. For when it's all for Jesus, no matter how difficult the challenge might be, it's worth it.

Next we want to acknowledge the many people in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States who have made financial contributions towards this great building project. Some have given large amounts some small, but all with love and commitment towards a vision that they believed in even though in many cases they have never been to Guatemala nor seen the project. Without these vital and constant donations we could not have continued to build as we have. We thank you all in the Name of the Lord, for it is all as unto Him.

A major feature in the progress of the W.C.V.T.C. has been the many voluntary work teams that have come down at their own expense, bringing financial help in paying for building material also. We would like to acknowledge these by listing them along with the dates when they came:     -->     -->     -->

We wish to thank those churches as well as our own P.A.O.C, Mission Link & E.R.D.O. agency for the containers of furniture, electrical equipment and emergency relief goods that were sent over the past few years. Many hundreds of Guatemalans here have been helped in times of disaster and flooding and we thank you on their behalf.

The school has been tremendously blessed by certain individuals and or churches who have been moved by God to get involved in coming along side us to help with personal support, support 'in kind' or personnel support. We do not wish to name churches or individuals for fear that we might forget someone or that some would be offended who wished to remain anonymous.

John & Sharon Linquist

John & Tracy Le Dressay

Todd & Shana Davis

Wayne Farrington

Edna de Estrada

Hector & Ruth Aragon

Cary & Karen Goshinmon

PAOC World Mission Dept
& Mission Link Office

Assemblies of God Guatemala

So while it is true to say that there is still much to be done, the building is now not a project, but a school, for this we give a mighty  thank you , to all who gave and helped and to the Lord who provides according to His promise.

Bob & Deanna Croatto

Millwoods Church, Edmonton

Southside Church, Edmonton

Georgetown, Ontario

Galaad Church, Guatemala

Charleswood, Winnipeg

Jan 31 - Feb 28

Feb 17 - Mar 2

Mar 21 - Mar 30

Apr 28 - May 8

Oct 29 - ?

Nov 1 - Nov 15

Kitchener, Ontario

Agincourt, Ontario

Port Perry, Ontario

Jan 12 - Jan 26

Feb 12 - Feb 26

Sept 21 - Sept 30

Agincourt, Ontario

Evangel, Kelowna

Burlington, Ontario

Joe & Kanna Raju, Alberta

Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

Orlando, Florida, USA

Langley, B.C.

Tampa, Florida, USA

Stratford, Ontario

Feb 11 - Feb 26

Mar 1 - Mar 11

Mar 8 - Mar 16

Apr 2 - Apr 22

Apr 20 - May 3

Jun 29 - Jul 6

Aug 9 - Aug 20

Sept 14 - Sept 21

Nov 2- Nov 9

Agincourt, Ontario

Millwoods, Edmonton

Evangel, Kelowna

Cambridge, Ontario

Jan 12- Jan 24

Feb 7 - Feb 22

Mar 10 - Mar 24

Mar 29 - Apr 6

Port Perry, Ontario

Crowsnest, Alberta &
Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

Lethbridge, Alberta

Stratford, Ontario

Cambridge, Ontario

Jan 9 - Jan 31

Feb 12 - Feb 23


Oct 23 - Oct 30

Nov 13 - Nov 20

Millwoods, Edmonton

Vanguard College, Edmonton

Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

C.L.C. Edmonton

Evangel, Kelowna

Womens Ministries, Alberta

Airdrie, Alberta

Cambridge, Ontario

Port Perry, Ontario

Oakville, Ontario

Jan 7 - Jan 30

Feb 7 - Feb 11

Feb 24 - Mar 7

Feb 26 - Mar 4

Mar 19 - Apr 1

Apr 18 - Apr 22

Apr 21 & 22

Aug 19 - Aug 27

Sept 16 - Oct 1

Oct 15 - Oct 23

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Evangel, Kelowna

Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

MillWoods Church, Edmonton

Episcopalian Church, Colorado

Ernie and Debbie Everts

Community Christian Centre, AB

»  Photos of 2006 Volunteers

Jan 13 - Jan 28

Feb 18 - Mar 4

Mar 25 - Apr 8

Nov 3 - Nov 26

Nov 13 - Nov 17

Nov 21 - Jan 18

Dec 1 - Dec 14

Knowing that 2006 would be a year of busy preparation we are tremendously grateful for all the special help we received during this year. Much has been accomplished in the areas of floor coverings, drywall and drop ceiling installation, plumbing, carpentry and steelwork.

It has been exciting also to see the landscaping going in and making the worksite look more like a school campus. Much electrical installation was also accomplished along with a huge amount of painting. We are thrilled at the wonderful Computer and Dental Hygiene labs that were fully installed also.

River Oaks Community Church
Oakville, ON

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church
Port Perry, Ontario

Evangel Tabernacle
Kelowna, British Columbia

»  Photos of 2007 Volunteers

Feb 14 - Feb 26

Oct 12 - Oct 27

Oct 17 - Oct 27

Christian Life Centre
Morden, Manitoba

Crowsnest Community
Christian Centre
Coleman, Alberta

Evangel Pentecostal Church, Montreal, Quebec

Westside Tabernacle
Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

Jan 7 - Jan 21

Feb 8 - Feb 23

Feb 12 -Feb 14/23

Mar 1 - Mar 15


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